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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Laura Graye ~ Primitive Settler Prairie Doll

A tale of one named
Laura Graye

Laura Graye a plain young lass, working hard amongst the prairie grass
She feeds the chickens and milks the cow
Makes the butter and helps Pa plow
Planting the fields for a harvest come Autumn
This is Laura Graye

Laura Graye a plain young lass, gives her Mother not one word of sass
A hearth to clean and floors to sweep
Clothes to scrub and rugs to beat
Keeping up a tidy home, a young girls work is never done
This is Laura Graye

Come Sunday, not so much work to do
A day to praise the family and the Good Lord too
This is Laura Graye

This early style Prairie Doll is handmade.  Drab prairie grays for Laura's dress, apron and bonnet.  A touch of prairie blue for her sash.  Her bonnet is a gathered & brimmed prairie bonnet.  Laura has been mended, patched and aged for an old timey look, her clothing alike.

Laura Graye is 23" tall

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Requested fee for Laura Graye is SOLD ....TY.  She will arrive signed and dated by me, her maker.

Thank you for visiting Laura Graye
She sends blessings
for a wonderful day

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black as Cole....Primitive Teddy Bear

Black as Cole,
is this little Bear
Cole....is a
Nooks & Crannies Teddy Bear

Cole is made of a plush Black fur......
Too cute not to love, now that's for sure
Little black buttons for Cole's eyes, you see
Black as any Lump of Coal could be 
Old rusty wire 'round his neck, just the same
So you won't have to say, who's this Bear, what's his name

A mere 6 1/2 inches tall,
Cole won't take up too much space at all

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Black as Cole Bear is SOLD....TY... plus Travel Fare
He'll arrive at his new home signed and dated by me, his maker.

~Neglected Stewart~Primitive Teddy Bear~

Poor Stewart
He has been sitting on my finishing table for, oh, a good month now.  He is so very happy
to be making a public appearance today.  Stewart is one of my handmade Teddy Bears.  He is tattered~n~torn........aged~n~worn.

Stewart has fuzzy brown ears & muzzle, fuzzy patches on his belly and paws.  Make-do patches of burlap sewn here and there.  Stewart's arms and legs are sewn in a fixed position. 

Stewart is 10 1/2" tall.
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Stewart Bear is $old plus Travel Fare, he will arrived signed and dated by me, her maker.