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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Offering ~ Feedsack Bears

Oh, for the Love of Bears...  these turned out so neat!

These two buddy bears are my new additions, just finished them up this morning.  I love old feedsacks, these are my Feedsack Bears..  The feedsack graphics on their bodies are actual old images I took from a couple of sacks in my collection (did I mention I love Feedsacks!) 

This Bear is so SWEET, handmade, his Sack is Pure Sugar Cane, hence his sweetness.  He is not jointed, sewn in a fixed position but still semi-poseable.  Sugar Bear is about 10" tall.

Sugar Bear ~ is Sold

This next Bear is not so sweet (well, I guess he is) but might be a bit salty.  His Feedsack is Country Style Picnic Ham.  Hammy is not jointed, he too is sewn in a fixed position, still you can pose him a bit.  He is the same size as Sugar Bear.

This Bear is SOLD, Thank You P
Click on Images to Enlarge

My Feedsack Bears have been aged and repaired for an old timey prim look. 

Requested fee for Sugar Bear is $19.50 plus Travel Fare.  Each Bear is signed and dated by me, their maker.

Be watching for more of these, I have lots of Feedsacks...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Name That Bear Contest & Giveaway

I invite you to enter my Name That Bear Contest

Contest is open for entries from March 29th - April 19th

How to Play....
1. You must be a follower of both of my Blogs

2. Post a comment with the name you pick for the Bear on this Post only.

For Extra chances to win....

3. Post my Contest/Giveaway on your Blog Sidebar - 1 Extra Entry

4. Do an actual Blog Post about my Contest/Giveaway - 2 Extra Entries

X~X~ That's up to 5 Entries ~X~X

Please let me know in your comments how many you're participating in so I can add your entries. Only pick one name per person though, your name will be entered multiple times.

If you do not have a blog, please include an email address so I can contact you should you win...

Contest is open to anyone/anywhere, if you reside outside the U.S., I ask that you agree to pay 1/2 the shipping please.

Please feel free to use any of the images in this post for your sidebar entries

Prairie Doll...belonging to A.H. 1791

Olde Time Prairie Doll

This doll must have belonged to Abigail H.  Stitched by a child-like hand are the intials A.H. and a date of 1791 on the dress sleeve of this doll.  I imagine Abigail to have loved this doll to pieces all through her early childhood years.  I can see her toting this doll along with her while helping Mom & Sis with the daily chores on the old homestead.   Those years are long past...maybe forgotten, but her beloved doll lives on....

This early style Prairie Doll is handmade.  I used calicos and homespuns in muted shades of brown & tan for her clothing.  Her bonnet it an actual gathered/brimmed prairie bonnet.  She has been mended, patched & aged, her clothing alike.  

~Abigail's Doll is 19 inches tall~ 

Click on Images to Enlarge

Requested Fee for Abigail's Doll is SOLD ~ TY so much K~.  She will arrive signed and dated by me, her maker.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Primitive Folk Art Mammy Doll

My first Mammy Doll, here she is.  She is inspired by a Mammy Doll crafted in 1850, I saw a picture in one of my prim decorating books and thought I'd try my hand at making one.

The Mammy that I patterned her after had such wonderful character, she had leather arms and legs with a fabric body and head.

This Mammy is my rendition of her.  My Mammy is a fabric body doll, her arms & legs have been aged to have a leather look about them. She is partially rag stuffed.  I made her dress from aged fabrics & did some hand stitchin' on her clothes. Found some old rings in my button box for earrings.

Mammy is 19" tall
Click on Images to Enlarge

~Currently on my website~
Mammy will come signed and dated by me, her maker.  Her fee is $32.00 plus Travel Fare.

Extreme Prim Prairie Stump Dolls

Early Style Prairie Stump Dolls

It doesn't get anymore prim than these Prairie Stump Dolls.  They are stuffed with rags, heavily aged and their clothing is made of Calicos and Homespuns.  Lots of handstitchin' in the gals...they are about 7" tall.

There are four different Dolls available, sold individually.


Prairie Doll Blue - SOLD TY OLM
Old quilt Bonnet with Vintage Lace Trim - true stump doll (no legs)

Prairie Doll Black ~ Spoken For
Floral Calico Bonnet & Black Homespun Skirt-true stump doll
(no legs)


Prairie Doll Tan - SOLD Thank You OLM
Bonnetless Doll with make-do patch


Prairie Doll Red
Civil War reprod. Calico Top with Burlap Work Bonnet

Click on Images to Enlarge

If you should happen to find a favorite, just send me an email..

Prairie Stump Dolls are $12.00 each with FREE Travel Fare.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~Thad~ The Dapper Gentleman Bear

The Dapper Gentleman

I am pleased to announce that Thaddeus is ready for adoption.  He is quite a sophisticated Prim Teddy.  All dressed in his Sunday Best including a custom tailored Corduroy Vest and Wool Cap.

Thad is handmade and heavily aged for an old attic look.  He has some Patches and Mends.  His arms and legs are all sewn in a fixed position.  I made Thad's Vest out of Vintage Dark Blue Corduroy, it has Wool patch pockets handsewn to the front.  His Cap is made out of coordinating Wool, lots of handstitchin' in that thing! (Don't think another one of my bears will have a hat, LOL, at least not for awhile)  Thad sits 10" tall..

Click on Images to Enlarge

Thad's Hat and Vest can be removed if you wish..here he is half naked...oh, geesh, should have censored that last shot, he is all Naked! 

Click on Images to Enlarge

Thad's Adoption Fee is $old plus Travel Fare.  He will arrive at his new home signed and dated by me, his maker.  Thank you for visiting Thaddeus...

~Brownie~ The Primitive Pea Hen

Brownie, the Primitive Pea Hen.........

Brownie is handmade out of Tan Ticking Fabric and a wonderful reproduction Brown & Black Calico. Her tail and wings have been primitively stitched and Brownie has her fair share of repairs, patches & stains.  She's the perfect Pea Hen to nest in your Old Wood Bowls, Baskets or tucked in a Cubby/Drawer.

Brownie is 6" tall x 10" long.
Click on Images to Enlarge

Brownie Pea Hen is SOLD, Thanks Again~T~  She'll arrive at your home signed and dated by me, her maker.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scruff E. Bear aka Seb

Howdy Folks!
It's Scruff E. Bear comin' to you, I like to be called Seb ~ sounds better than Scruff!

I am an old codger, been around for a long, long time now.  Back in the day, I used to have me a young boy, he'd drag me 'round everywhere.  We'd go into the meadow for adventure first thing in Spring.  Take walks down the Old Lane on those hot Summer days for a refreshing dip in the creek and cozy up next to the fire in the dead of Winter to keep warm.  For years, I was his best friend, but now, he himself has grown old and grey, even got himself some grandkids.  Guess there's no need for Old Seb...  His grands, well you know how kids are these days, don't want a Teddy Bear, gotta have all those high tech gadgets.  So, I've been stuffed away, long time now, in an old travel trunk up in the attic. I'm thinkin' it was my boys' Momma that packed me away all those years ago when her boy had grown....  So now, Old Seb is outta the trunk and looking for a Retirement Home of sorts, I still have lots of good years in me yet, just need a slower pace now I reckon. 
 And, hey, you see the nerve of my maker, put a toe tag on meee! Gollyyyy Lady, she's already got me one foot in the grave!  Well, I'm gonna tell her, by george, I'm not ready for that yet!!  Oh, oh wait, give me a minute, gotta sit down for a minute, got my old ticker all reved up.. 

Good Ole Seb is handmade, he's got a real old prim look about him.  He has lots of patches and mends, I mean, mends on top of mends on top of patches.  He has string jointed arms and legs so they are all semi-poseable.  He's got some loose stitches, but what do you expect from an old codger like Seb.  Sitting, Seb is just shy of 12", stretched out he's 16".

Click Images to Enlarge 

Requested fee for Scruff E. Bear is SOLD Thank You ~B plus Travel Fare, he will come signed and dated by me, his maker (yes, the one that put the toe tag on him  ;)..

Grace & Libby ~ America's Sweethearts

Grace & Libby are
America's Sweethearts

They are both very proud to be Americans and like to show Patriotism for their country.

Grace and Libby are little Cupboard Tuck Dolls, each doll comes with a Grungy Ticking Pillow that is stuffed with lumpy n bumpy rags.  I have handstitched their faces and also their hair.  Each Doll & Pillow comes with an aged paper, Grace with the Declaration of Independence and Libby with a handwritten letter by Abe Lincoln.

Grace and Libby are 6" tall, the Pillows are just a bit bigger.

Click Images to Enlarge

~  Each one will come signed and dated by me, their maker....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Bear Blue

This little guy will steal your heart.  Little Bear Blue is still a bit sad and hurt from his fall.  Momma's kisses helped to dry the tears and the Olde Star she gave him for being a big boy is helping, but he's still just a bit blue. 

Little Bear Blue is handmade, then aged for an old-timey prim look.  His patches ~N~ repairs are done in Calico Blues.  Little Bear Blue has string jointed arms and legs so he is semi-poseable.  In the sitting position, he is about 6" tall.  Another one of my Nooks ~N~ Crannies Teddy Bears.

Click on Pictures to Enlarge

Little Bear Blue's adoption fee is $old plus Travel Fare.  He will arrive at your loving home signed and dated by me, his maker.

Lil' Miss Emily Bear

Sitting next to Momma's sewing chair, Lil' Miss Emily loves to spend countless hours looking through Momma's basket of trims, snipets & notions.  She imagines all the lovely things that can be made with even the littlest bits ~n~ pieces.

Lil' Emily is handmade, her one ear has been replaced with a make-do ear fashioned from an old quilt.  She has prim repairs and a "fancy" aged bow on her head (she likes to be pretty).  Lil' Emily is accompanied by Momma's Basket handstitched from old quilt cuttings and a very pretty piece of vintage lace.  Emily is one of my Nooks ~N~ Crannies Bears, she sits 6 1/2" tall.  Her arms are string jointed so they are semi-poseable, Emily's legs are in a fixed position.

Lil' Miss Emily will arrive at her new home signed and dated by her maker, me..

Click on Pictures to Enlarge

~Lil' Miss Emily is SOLD ~ Thank You So Much~

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1 Lucky Rabbit ~ Spring Vignette

~1 Lucky Rabbit
There is no other way to describe this guy, by the looks of him he's lucky to be around.  The story he told me was that while in the Cabbage Patch one day and ran into some trouble (he wouldn't elaborate though).  He is a bit tattered with some prim repairs, just trying to keep his stuffin' in.  Oh and the poor guy lost an eye in the scuffle, so I replaced it with a button. He is accompanied by a handid head of Cabbage that he managed to escape with and a hang tag too.  ~1 Lucky Rabbit is 7 1/2" tall.

~1 Lucky Rabbit Vignette is moving in with Katie, Thank You!  He will arrive signed and dated by me, his maker.

Oh, and I would watch him, he might tryin' get into your Easter Baskets N Carrots, he's a rascal.....
Click on pictures to enlarge

Primitive Pea Hen in Blue

Perched atop an Old Textile Bobbin, she is as proud as a peacock oh, I mean Pea Hen.  I made her out of wonderful blue fabrics.  Her wings and tail have some decorative stitchin', done in a prim sorta way.  She has make-do repairs here and there and the poor gal has been put through the wringer in the aging department.
This prim Pea Hen Make-do is 10" tall.

Blue Pea Hen is SOLD thank you, Teresa. 
She will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Click on Pictures to Enlarge

Thread B. Bear - Primitive Teddy to Offer

Thread (Bare) Bear is pleased to be ready for adoption.  He has been a well loved Prim Teddy, he is made out of cream colored fur which I hand trimmed for a worn ~n~ torn look and aged a bit.  Thread B. Bear has many prim repairs and patches.  Just in case he needs some more, I am sending along an old wooden spool with thread, an extra patch and a long rusty straight pin.  Thread B. Bear is in a fixed position and he sits 12 1/2" tall.

Thread B. Bear is SOLD, TY~T. 
He will arrive at his new forever home signed and dated by his maker, me..

Click on Pictures to Enlarge