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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Halloween Primitive Black Cat "BOO" Doll

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown

 "Boo" Black Cat

Boo ~ Black Cat is ready to help with
playing your Tricks
 and guarding your Treats
this Halloween!

Boo is 7" tall and 9" long
a little olde, dirty & pleasantly prim

Click Images to Enlarge

Black Cat "Boo" is SOLD plus Travel Fare, he'll arrive signed, dated and ready to Scare! 

Cobwebs~Spiders & Bats~Oh My! Primitive Halloween Wreath

Cobwebs, =,0,= (Spiders) & Bats.....Oh My!
Cobwebs,  =,0,=  & Bats

Yep, this Primitive Halloween Wreath has it all!
-----handmade creepy critters                       
------- stitched banner
                 -------- & the moon
attached on a grapevine base (no glue).....just spooky enough to
grace the door to
your Haunted House
or maybe
your Witch's Pantry
(would be a great size for an old cupboard door)
heck, even the Outhouse Door needs something this Halloween right?

Click Images to Enlarge

Wreath is 14" from top to bottom and 13" across

Cobwebs, Spiders & Bat Wreath is $old plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Olde & Early Primitive ~21~ Penny Rug Mat

21 Penny Octagon
Olde & Early Penny Rug

Here's one of my Olde & Early Style Penny Rugs. This one has 21 handcut wool pennies all in shades of black & grey stitched on cotton.  This Penny Rug is 11" long and 11" wide.
Perfect Penny Rugs for the Earliest of Prim Gatherings

Click Images to Enlarge

~21~ Penny Rug is $24.00 plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~Falling Leaves Penny Rug~Primitive Sampler

Falling Leaves
Penny Rug Sampler
~Autumn Penny Rug Offering~
All handcut wool appliques stitched on cream wool.
Sampler measures11 1/2" by 10 1/2". Blanket Stitched edge, done by hand.
Sampler is backed with Brown Plaid Wool.

Click Images to Enlarge

Falling Leaves Penny Rug is Sold TY J plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Olde & Early Penny Rug Sampler ~ Primitive Bay & Gray Horses

Olde Bay & Gray
Penny Rug Sampler

Early Style Penny Rug Offering, handmade in an Old Penny Rug Sampler Motif.
All handcut wool appliques and wool pennies stitched on cotton.
Olde Bay & Gray Sampler is 13" by 7".  Blanket Stitched edges, all done by hand.

Sampler is backed with Tan Ticking Fabric

Click to Enlarge Images

Olde Bay & Gray Penny Rug Sampler is sold plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Humble Pumpkin Mini's ~ Primitive Fall Pumpkins

My 2011 Humble Pumpkins go Mini

Olde & Worn....Tattered & Torn
Humble Pumpkins

Here we have a Set of 5 Humble Pumpkins
perfect "bowl filler" size, yes, they are
you'll get 2 Orange, 1 White and 2 Green Pumpkins

Patched-Up & Mended & Repaired
sawdust filled so they can be shaped a bit

Largest is 3" across the top

Lil' Humble Pumpkins are $14.00 plus Travel Fare.  They'll all be signed and dated by me, the maker.
Hey, thanks for stopping by!

Primitive Patched Up Pumpkins ~ Humble Pumpkins

Olde & Worn....Tattered & Torn
Humble Pumpkins

These are a couple faceless Humbles
Both have been patched & mended & repaired
filled with sawdust, so you can squish'em and shap'em
a bit

Perfect for your Autumn Pantry, Cupboards, Pie Safes, Baskets and Bowls
and no faces means they are not technically "Halloween Pumpkins"
so hey, they'll look great clear through Thanksgiving!

One pumpkin is slightly larger, making the other slightly smaller, hehe

the bigger one is 6" across the top, the other about 5"

Patched Up Humble Pumpkins are SOLD TY Janet! plus Travel Fare for the pair.  They will arrive signed and dated by me, their maker.