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Friday, July 20, 2012

Harvest Gourds

I have been making something new...and I am loving the results.

With Fall right around the corner, I have designed some new harvest goodes...yes, GOURDS.

These gourds are fabric..but I bet they could fool people and the best part is
no need to worry about them breaking!

First Offering is this Forever Gourd Garland..it measures 3 ft. long.
Pear, Bottle-neck & Dipper Gourds are strung on rusty wire with Dried Pumpkin Chunks & Bay Leaves

~Garland is $40.00 plus Travel Fare~ signed & dated

These are my hanging Gourds..these are big guys, they are 12" tall.

Currently sold out but taking orders

~$18.00 each plus Travel Fare~ signed & dated

Gourd Gracious...there's more

Long Dipper Gourds 13" ~ $16.00 (3 avail)
Bottle neck Gourds ~ $16.00 (1 avail)
plus Travel Fare, signed and dated

all gourds are original designs..please do not copy...Thank You

and yet another addition..I'm up to my ears in gourds

Gourd Bowl Fillers
tinted in hues of Autumn
includes Long Dipper Gourd, Bottle Neck Gourds and Pear Gourds
range in lengths from 5" to 9"

~$19.00 plus Travel Fare~  signed and dated

I have more gourds in the works...going to finish up some more now.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Dolls....

Happy Primitive Rag Doll..dressed in blues
13" tall..mended... $22.00 plus shipping

14" Primitive Rag Doll..$22.00 plus shipping
Olde button eyes and stitched face, seed cotton stuffed

Early Style Rag Doll..she is 10 1/2" tall
stitched face, stuffed with early seed cotton batting

Rag Doll...13 1/2" tall
~Sold~  TY Granny T

Primitive Sock Stump Doll..8" tall

Monday, July 9, 2012


Finally...finished up some WIP's
more to go but these early dollies are finished

Mended & Repaired Rag Doll..10 1/2" tall

Early style Rag Doll..Aged whites & blues
13" tall...stuffed with old cotton seed batting, handstitched face
$22.00 plus shipping

Prim Sock Bottle Doll...homespuns & calicos, seed cotton batting
stitched face...she measures 11" tall

Folk Art Stump Doll...chedder & blues, stuffed with seed cotton batting ♥
stitched face, she stands 6 1/2" tall

Handmade Bottle Doll~ old blue ticking stripe dress, handstitched face & stuffed with old seed cotton batting. She is 10" tall

All dolls are handmade...signed and dated by me, the maker.

Thank you taking a peek...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day...New listings

Just listed some new primitive handmades on my website...

stop by for a visit

**God Bless America**

Monday, July 2, 2012


Elizabeth's School Girl Sampler
$old plus travel fare
9 1/2" long

Primitive Kitty with mended tail
$10.00 plus Travel Fare
7" tall

Wee Primitive Kitty
$old plus Travel Fare
4" tall

Prim Kitty
$10.00 plus Travel Fare
6" tall

Myra's Cabin Stitchery
$old plus Travel Fare
10" wide

Thank you for visiting!