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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Primitive Valentine's Day..Smalls & Stitcheries

Beginning work on Valentine's Day Offerings

A few Smalls and Stitcheries that I finished up
for your consideration
If you are interested in purchasing anything....just send me an email

~ Love Stitchery Pin Keep ~
Handstitched on aged fabric & rag stuffed.
Cotton Lace trim on bottom edge and two vintage shell buttons for ornamentation.
Measures 6 1/2" x 3 3/4"
Aged cotton string for hanging if you wish (can be removed)

Love Pin Keep ~ $16.00 plus Travel Fare, it is signed and dated by me, the maker.

~ St. Valentine Framed Stitchery ~
Handstitched on aged osnaburg with black wood frame.
Measures 7 3/4" x 6"
Frame has easel back and hardware for hanging.

St. Valentine Stitchery ~ $old plus Travel Fare, it is signed and dated by me, the maker.

~Wool Penny Heart Make-Do~
Heart make-do is rag stuffed and has a wooden bobbin base.
Measures 10 1/2" tall x 5" wide

Penny Heart Make-Do ~ $old plus Travel Fare, it is signed and dated by me, the maker.

~Wool Heart Quilt Pillow Tuck~
Lil' Antique Quilt Pillow with handstitched Wool Hearts.
Rag stuffed and dated 1741
Measures 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"

Wool Heart Quilt Pillow Tuck~ $old plus Travel Fare, it is signed and dated by me, the maker.

~Black Kitty Pocket Ornie~
Completely handstitched from wool, Black Kitty is rag stuffed, has a stitched face and mended ear.
Vintage Lace Heart handstitched on his Red Wool Pocket...all has been aged for an early look
Kitty is 4 1/2" tall.

Black Kitty Pocket Ornie~ $old plus Travel Fare, signed and dated by me, the maker.

Thank you Kindly for Visiting Today,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wynter Blues Bear..a Primitive Teddy

Hello, Winter Friends.....my name is Wynter Blues

my maker just finished me up this morning in the midst of a small Blizzard.  It's a good thing she put a nice wooly scarf on me...Brrrr!

I am made out of grungy corduroy with make-do patches ~N~ repairs here and there.  My eyes are buttons and I have a wool patch nose.   My arms and legs are stitched in place (guess that means NO sled riding or bear angels for me this winter :(     I am 11" tall, sitting.

Oh and I promise to bring lots of Winter Cheer to my new home....so don't let my name "Wynter Blues" fool ya.  I'm just blue in color, not spirit!

Click Images to Enlarge

Wynter Blues Bear is ready for his forever home, he is $32.00 plus Travel Fare.  He'll arrive with bells on, signed and dated by me, his maker.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


~Hello my Prim Friends
it's Glistynne here~
I shimmer in the lights of Christmas
whether from the tree or a candle in the window
my wings glisten like the
Fresh Fallen Snow
I have rusty bells all 'round my halo
to make your home ring with
Christmas Cheer

Glistynne is 16" tall.

Glistynne is ready for her prim Christmas home.  She is $25.00 plus Travel Fare & she'll be signed and dated.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Primitive Christmas Listing #1

A quick post to offer up some Prim Christmas Goodies.

These are also listed on my website

Who says Snowmen are White?
These are "dirty" ones, LOL...
Prim Snowman Doll ~ he is 10" tall
2 avail. & will take orders

Prim Snowman Doll is $14.00 plus Travel Fare and will arrive signed and dated by me, his maker.

13 1/2" tall
2 avail. & will take orders

"Sticks" the Snowman is $15.00 plus Travel Fare, he'll be signed and dated by me, his maker.

8 1/4" tall
2 avail. & will take orders

"Whimsy" Snowman is $12.50 plus Travel Fare, signed and dated by me, his maker.

Olde Barnwood Make-do Pocket with greens and pips.  11" x 8", easy to hang, just a single nail needed.
$old plus Travel Fare......signed and dated.

Small Barnwood Make-do Pocket with greens and pips.  8" x 11", easy to hang...with single nail
$old plus Travel Fare.......signed and dated.

Thanks for visiting, if you are interested in anything, just send me an email or you can shop my website.  Lots more Christmas & Winter in the works....but I do have two shows coming up so I'm not sure how much of it will be offered online.  (It's coming way tooooo fast)

Blessings my friends,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

~Primitive Tom Turkey Sitter~Thanksgiving Dinner?

Tom Turkey is nicely browned and ready to grace your Thanksgiving table...as a centerpiece, not on the carving tray ;)

Prim Tom's tail feathers and wings have lots of "feather" detail and he has been aged for an old timey look.

He is 10" tall to the tip of his tallest tail feather (say that 3 times really fast)

Click on Images for Detail

Tom Turkey is SOLD plus Travel Fare and will arrive signed and dated by me, his maker.

Let's Talk Turkey...do you know.....
Why a turkey has a waddle?

I didn't but now I do...
The turkey uses the waddle in 2 ways. One, it is a cooling device, when the weather is hot the turkey expands the waddle with blood so that it can cool down in the air. Second it is part of a display. Depending on how the turkey feels it may show the waddle to its fullest and reddest or hide it totally.

I found the answer at

Gobbling on Outa Here,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Primitive Witch Dolls x Two

I'm trying to finish up the last of my Fall and Halloween Prims for this year.

My last two Witch Dolls are done.

This lil' witch gal is 21" tall.  She is dressed in her grungy best.  She has a sculpted nose and wool hair.
Hang her up or sit her in a chair, she really, really doesn't care...

Witch Doll (one) is SOLD TY T plus Travel Fare, she'll be signed and dated when she arrives.

Witch Doll (two)

This witch is dressed in brown ticking fabric and cheesecloth.  She holds a prim Fall garland.
She is 21" tall and can hang or sit.

Witch Doll (two) is $old plus Travel Fare, signed and dated she will be too.

Primitive Stitchery Farmhouse Towels

Available on my website

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tilly Hobb ~ Primitive Settler Prairie Doll

Tilly Hobb

Let me introduce to you......
Tilly, Tilly Hobb that is!

I've never been able to find out her real name, well, maybe Tilly is her real name.
But, who would go an name there child, Tilly now?

Anyway, I met Tilly a few years back, her pa and mine were a workin together for a spell.  Tilly and I soon became real friends.  Tilly, now she's dilly of a friend, best kind you could ever have.  She's full of spunk, quite a corker she is.  She's the kind that'll keep you in stitches if ya know what I mean.

One day we were a fixin' to go over the hill to fetch our pa's some lunch, see we had got to go with'em to the woods that mornin.  Well, it was gettin' nigh on to noon time, you could tell cause our bellies were just a growlin' somethin awful now.  Yep, sounded like one of them grizzlies we usta see was gonna come right outta there and gobble us both up.  So, anyway, Miss Tilly and I headed out, left our pas to work while we went to bring'em sum dinner.  Well it wasn't long before we stumbled upon us a herd of skunks!  Oh my!, now if you've had ever had yourself an encounter with one skunk befor you can just imagine yourself a herd of'em.  Now, let me tell ya, Tilly, she has herself some hairbrained idears sometimes.  Tilly turned to me with that look, a look only us real friends know, I'm a thinkin...awww Tilly whatcha gonna do? 
Well now, I'll tell ya what that Tilly was gonna do, she was gonna tryin snatch up one of them there skunks, yep, she thought she'd like it for a pet or sumthin'.  Well now, I was thinkin' it'd be best just leave them skunks to themselfs and go and fetch our pa's their dinner.  But, oh no, Tilly she's a stubborn as a mule and she had that thought of hers in her head....so what do real friends do, well course they help each other, they do.  So, Tilly and me got to chasin them skunks, tryin to seperate the little ones from the biggens, thought a little one would be a easier n' safer catch, ya know.  Through the briars, round this tree and that one, yep, took me a branch right cross the forehead, boy did that smart some.  Tilly, she a runnin too, got right behind a lil' one and wham, she made her move.  Oh boy, all heck broke loose when she tryin grab that skunk, course she'd been runnin' behind it. Well, she gottem but, he'd got her somethin bad too!  Tilly, she quick wrapped that skunk right up in her apron and finally we headed home to get our pas sum lunch.  Me, course, I was a walked a few steps ahead of Tilly on the way.      ;)Jed, Tilly's real friend

Click Images to Enlarge

Tilly is one of my handmade Primitive Prairie Dolls.  She's all cleaned up, the stinks all gone, LOL..
Tilly is dressed in colors of Burgundy and Browns, her dress, apron and bonnet are all homespun fabrics.  A touch of cotton calico for her apron sash.  She has a few patches and mends, has been aged for an olde timey prim look.  Tilly is 21 1/2" tall.

Tilly Hobb can be adopted for $42.00 plus Travel Fare, she will arrived signed and dated by me, her maker.

The moral of the story, don't ever chase a skunk

Primitive Settler Prairie Doll ~ Clara

What can I say about Clara
C  onsiderate
 L ovable
         A dorable
            R espectful
             A ged

This early style Prairie Doll is handmade. Clara is dressed in Dark Reds and Golds.  She's been mended, patched and aged for an old timey look, her clothing alike.
Clara is 17 1/2" tall

Click Images to Enlarge

Clara's adoption fee is Sold Thank You K~ plus Travel Fare.  She'll arrive signed and dated by me, her maker.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Autumn's Dance

She'd say

It was so near to the end of September,
not a cooler fall day us olde folks can remember.
Some fields still stood full with wheat's golden tops,
The meadow lay bitten by the first seasons frost.

Now, I can't tell you how many times I have sat
 listening, trying to focus my view
I would shudder once as my gram went on to tell
and she'd say

The fires were lit, to take off the chill
Outside trees were blazen, orange and red topped the hills
It was on this day, this crisp fall morn,
a new baby girl, my child was born.

I can remember
There she'd be sitting, her in her rocker,  me at her feet
She'd pause just long enough to take a sip from her tea
Start rocking again and go on to tell
she'd say

The years went on by and the seasons did change
With each new September, the young girl she did age.
From a young girl to a woman in no time at all,
There seemed a connection between this woman and Fall.

Now the picture grew vivid in my mind as hers
another sip from her cup, I'd rustle up to my knees
and she'd say

Another fall day much like the first,
I witnessed a miracle, the miracle of your birth
The fires relit, to take off the chill
Your mamma, my daughter, you child, her first


Another pause for a sip and to reminisce
she'd rock a bit more and go on to tell
she'd say

Even though your sweet mamma was called home that day
She left me with something, her sweet child to raise
She went on her way to dance in Fall's Leaves
Your mamma, my Autumn, my heart she'll never

She dances her dance, when the leaves float on down
from the mountaintops to meadows
her colors abound.

Autumn's Dance

written by Traci Stoddard

Please meet Autumn
a plain and simple prairie doll
handmade by me, she's 18" tall

Dress in the colors of Fall
Patched and Mended
Pin-Tucked Apron and All

Autumn can be purchased for $30.00 plus Travel Fare.  She will arrive signed and dated by me, her maker.

Autumn's Blessings to All,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let's Have a Ball ~ Oct. 31st

Get out your dancin' boots
there's gonna be a

Hallowe'en Witch's Ball
October 31st
Salem Hall

Free Tickets Available

Prizes awarded for:
Best Cackle
Longest Nose
Greenest Complextion
Wiriest Hair
and of course
!!...!!...The Best Boots...!!..!!

Here's some jazzed up Witch Boots

Green Laces and Lace

just perfect for the occasion

I'll bring the cauldron.......you bring the bubbly
Included is your Ticket to the Ball

Boots are 7" tall x 8" long
(just your size ;)

Pair of Primitive Witch Boots are $16.50 plus Travel Fare, they'll arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

~Fall Leaves Pumpkin & Batty 4 Halloween Punkin..x..Primitive Greeters~

New Offerings - September 7th


Fall Leaves Pumpkin

Quilted Prim Pumpkin - this one decorated with
handpainted Fall Leaves in all the colors we love
of Autumn.

Hangs with a rusty wire and measures 11" tall (that's not including the hanger)

Think of all the places one of these Quilted Pumpkins would add just the right touch of Fall too!

Fall Leaves Quilted Pumpkin is Sold plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.


Batty 4 Halloween Pumpkin

This Quilted Pumpkin has a friendly creature who
is just Batty 4 Halloween.  Batty has sculpted wings and black
bead eyes.

Pumpkin has a rusty wire for display and is 12" tall (not including the wire)

Batty 4 Halloween Pumpkin is SOLD plus Travel Fare, it will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my newest creations!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Halloween Primitive Black Cat "BOO" Doll

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown

 "Boo" Black Cat

Boo ~ Black Cat is ready to help with
playing your Tricks
 and guarding your Treats
this Halloween!

Boo is 7" tall and 9" long
a little olde, dirty & pleasantly prim

Click Images to Enlarge

Black Cat "Boo" is SOLD plus Travel Fare, he'll arrive signed, dated and ready to Scare! 

Cobwebs~Spiders & Bats~Oh My! Primitive Halloween Wreath

Cobwebs, =,0,= (Spiders) & Bats.....Oh My!
Cobwebs,  =,0,=  & Bats

Yep, this Primitive Halloween Wreath has it all!
-----handmade creepy critters                       
------- stitched banner
                 -------- & the moon
attached on a grapevine base (no glue).....just spooky enough to
grace the door to
your Haunted House
or maybe
your Witch's Pantry
(would be a great size for an old cupboard door)
heck, even the Outhouse Door needs something this Halloween right?

Click Images to Enlarge

Wreath is 14" from top to bottom and 13" across

Cobwebs, Spiders & Bat Wreath is $old plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Olde & Early Primitive ~21~ Penny Rug Mat

21 Penny Octagon
Olde & Early Penny Rug

Here's one of my Olde & Early Style Penny Rugs. This one has 21 handcut wool pennies all in shades of black & grey stitched on cotton.  This Penny Rug is 11" long and 11" wide.
Perfect Penny Rugs for the Earliest of Prim Gatherings

Click Images to Enlarge

~21~ Penny Rug is $24.00 plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~Falling Leaves Penny Rug~Primitive Sampler

Falling Leaves
Penny Rug Sampler
~Autumn Penny Rug Offering~
All handcut wool appliques stitched on cream wool.
Sampler measures11 1/2" by 10 1/2". Blanket Stitched edge, done by hand.
Sampler is backed with Brown Plaid Wool.

Click Images to Enlarge

Falling Leaves Penny Rug is Sold TY J plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Olde & Early Penny Rug Sampler ~ Primitive Bay & Gray Horses

Olde Bay & Gray
Penny Rug Sampler

Early Style Penny Rug Offering, handmade in an Old Penny Rug Sampler Motif.
All handcut wool appliques and wool pennies stitched on cotton.
Olde Bay & Gray Sampler is 13" by 7".  Blanket Stitched edges, all done by hand.

Sampler is backed with Tan Ticking Fabric

Click to Enlarge Images

Olde Bay & Gray Penny Rug Sampler is sold plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Humble Pumpkin Mini's ~ Primitive Fall Pumpkins

My 2011 Humble Pumpkins go Mini

Olde & Worn....Tattered & Torn
Humble Pumpkins

Here we have a Set of 5 Humble Pumpkins
perfect "bowl filler" size, yes, they are
you'll get 2 Orange, 1 White and 2 Green Pumpkins

Patched-Up & Mended & Repaired
sawdust filled so they can be shaped a bit

Largest is 3" across the top

Lil' Humble Pumpkins are $14.00 plus Travel Fare.  They'll all be signed and dated by me, the maker.
Hey, thanks for stopping by!

Primitive Patched Up Pumpkins ~ Humble Pumpkins

Olde & Worn....Tattered & Torn
Humble Pumpkins

These are a couple faceless Humbles
Both have been patched & mended & repaired
filled with sawdust, so you can squish'em and shap'em
a bit

Perfect for your Autumn Pantry, Cupboards, Pie Safes, Baskets and Bowls
and no faces means they are not technically "Halloween Pumpkins"
so hey, they'll look great clear through Thanksgiving!

One pumpkin is slightly larger, making the other slightly smaller, hehe

the bigger one is 6" across the top, the other about 5"

Patched Up Humble Pumpkins are SOLD TY Janet! plus Travel Fare for the pair.  They will arrive signed and dated by me, their maker.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Primitive ~ Halloween Witch ~ Magick Hat Box

In the depth of the Night,
the Keeper unlocks the Magick

Today I have to offer you a Primitive Box, not just any old box but one full of Magick and Witchs' Keepings.  Olde and Creepy, heavily laden with moss and containing many a Moons of Secrets.  Beware Keeper, unlock the box, unlock the Magick that Lies Within!

The Witch Hat Box, made of papier mache, is painted & distressed.  Inside you will find the Keeper's Key, a lock of Maiden Hair, an Olde Jar of Wart Potion and a portrait of the Witch this box once belonged to.

Box is 7" tall x 4 1/2" wide.

Click Images to Enlarge

want to know what secrets lie within, you'll have to unlock it

Magick Witch Hat Box is $18.00 plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.