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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tilly Hobb ~ Primitive Settler Prairie Doll

Tilly Hobb

Let me introduce to you......
Tilly, Tilly Hobb that is!

I've never been able to find out her real name, well, maybe Tilly is her real name.
But, who would go an name there child, Tilly now?

Anyway, I met Tilly a few years back, her pa and mine were a workin together for a spell.  Tilly and I soon became real friends.  Tilly, now she's dilly of a friend, best kind you could ever have.  She's full of spunk, quite a corker she is.  She's the kind that'll keep you in stitches if ya know what I mean.

One day we were a fixin' to go over the hill to fetch our pa's some lunch, see we had got to go with'em to the woods that mornin.  Well, it was gettin' nigh on to noon time, you could tell cause our bellies were just a growlin' somethin awful now.  Yep, sounded like one of them grizzlies we usta see was gonna come right outta there and gobble us both up.  So, anyway, Miss Tilly and I headed out, left our pas to work while we went to bring'em sum dinner.  Well it wasn't long before we stumbled upon us a herd of skunks!  Oh my!, now if you've had ever had yourself an encounter with one skunk befor you can just imagine yourself a herd of'em.  Now, let me tell ya, Tilly, she has herself some hairbrained idears sometimes.  Tilly turned to me with that look, a look only us real friends know, I'm a thinkin...awww Tilly whatcha gonna do? 
Well now, I'll tell ya what that Tilly was gonna do, she was gonna tryin snatch up one of them there skunks, yep, she thought she'd like it for a pet or sumthin'.  Well now, I was thinkin' it'd be best just leave them skunks to themselfs and go and fetch our pa's their dinner.  But, oh no, Tilly she's a stubborn as a mule and she had that thought of hers in her head....so what do real friends do, well course they help each other, they do.  So, Tilly and me got to chasin them skunks, tryin to seperate the little ones from the biggens, thought a little one would be a easier n' safer catch, ya know.  Through the briars, round this tree and that one, yep, took me a branch right cross the forehead, boy did that smart some.  Tilly, she a runnin too, got right behind a lil' one and wham, she made her move.  Oh boy, all heck broke loose when she tryin grab that skunk, course she'd been runnin' behind it. Well, she gottem but, he'd got her somethin bad too!  Tilly, she quick wrapped that skunk right up in her apron and finally we headed home to get our pas sum lunch.  Me, course, I was a walked a few steps ahead of Tilly on the way.      ;)Jed, Tilly's real friend

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Tilly is one of my handmade Primitive Prairie Dolls.  She's all cleaned up, the stinks all gone, LOL..
Tilly is dressed in colors of Burgundy and Browns, her dress, apron and bonnet are all homespun fabrics.  A touch of cotton calico for her apron sash.  She has a few patches and mends, has been aged for an olde timey prim look.  Tilly is 21 1/2" tall.

Tilly Hobb can be adopted for $42.00 plus Travel Fare, she will arrived signed and dated by me, her maker.

The moral of the story, don't ever chase a skunk


  1. Oh Traci my girl...I so love the stories you tell...Tilly is a dilly....and reminds me of the days when I so wanted a skunk for a pet...really! Thanks for the smiles....Hugs & Blessins'! Robin

  2. Hi Traci, love the story and the doll!! Clara is a cute one too. You are working wonders on the dolls!! You add all the right touches.:-)