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Friday, May 4, 2012

Last Evenings Update..here's what is left

My latest Primitive Offerings
here are some handmades that are left from my FB update last evening

~ Denim Blue Dress with hand-did pin tucking detail on dress bodice.  
She has her one lil' basket..measures 19" tall
$36.00 plus Travel Fare...signed and dated by me, the maker

~Rag Doll...dressed in shades of gray, 10" tall
$15.00 plus Travel Fare...signed and dated

~Patch Prim Doll ~ body is made of linen..dressed in calico and homespuns in hues of tan/brown.  She measures 21" tall
$old plus Travel Fare...signed & dated

~Rag Doll...12" tall..Red, Brown & Gold Calicos
$15.00 plus Travel Fare...signed & dated

~Prim Pocket Doll...dressed in amethyst homespun...6" tall
$old plus Travel Fare...signed & dated

SOLD~Prim Pocket Doll ~ 6" tall..blues & browns
 plus Travel Fare...signed & dated
Thank You T♥

~Prim Pocket Doll....Blue...6" tall
$old plus Travel Fare...signed & dated

~Olde Cat No.3....6 1/2" tall...patch nose
$old plus Travel Fare

~Olde Cat No. 2 ...6 1/2" tall..make-do mends
$old plus Travel Fare...

~Feedsack Pin Keeps ~ $8.00 each plus Travel Fare
(1 Fulton available)

1-Fulton available...measure 5 1/2" tall, oval

If you should find a treasure you would like to make yours simply send me an email...
Thanks so much for visiting!