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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giveaway Winner Announced ~Week #4

This is the 4th and Final Weekly Winner for this giveaway.

I still have not heard from last week's winner, Jan @ The Primitive Outhouse.  I will give her until Saturday night to email me or I will post a new winner on Sunday.

This Week's Winner is

Robin @ Kitty Wampus

Congrats Robin!

You can email me with your prize selection.
There are 2 prizes left as last week's prize has not been claimed.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

* Star * Spangled * Bear * Primitive Teddy Bear

..*..Star * Spangled * Bear..*..

Ready to celebrate Independence Day, in all his Patriotic Glory

This Primitive Americana Teddy would be a perfect addition to your Independence Day decor or add to your year round Americana goodes.

Star * Spangled * Bear is one of my handmade prim teddies.  He has an Olde & Worn ...... Dirty & Grubby look about him.  Mis-matched button eyes, make-do patches and mends all add to the primitive look of this boy bear. 

Click on Images to Enlarge
(look at his pudgy little belly ;)

I handstitched wool stars about his body, hence the Star Spangled Bear name.  His arms and legs are sewn in a fixed position so he is not poseable.  In his paw, he holds a Dried Blue Thistle, my take on a Sparkler for him, after all he's celebrating!

Star * Spangled * Bear is about 10" tall.

Star * Spangled * Bear is $old plus Travel Fare, he will arrive signed and dated by me, his maker.

OOak... Straw~Beary Shortcake ...Primitive Teddy Bear

Just as Sweet as the Vine Ripened Fruit... 
Straw~Beary Shortcake

Straw~Beary is a One-of-a-Kind Primitive Teddy Bear, she will arrived signed and dated by me, her maker.

Straw~Beary is my latest handmade teddy.  She is made to look Olde & Loved, and that my friends, she does.  Straw~Beary is 10" tall, her arms and legs are sewn in a fixed position so she is not poseable.  She has one button eye and her other was lost so I replaced it with some stitchin'.  Straw~Beary has Patches & Mends and has been aged for an Early Look. 

I designed Straw~Beary with Strawberry Season in mind.  Her body is the Berry and her little gathered neck piece represents the Strawberry Top...

Click on Images to Enlarge

Straw~Beary Shortcake Bear is $old plus Travel Fare, she will arrived signed and dated by me, her maker. 

Thank You for visiting Straw~Beary Shortcake!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Winner Announced~ Week #3

Back to the bowl full of entries....

Week #3's Winner is...

~Jan from the Primitive Outhouse~

Congratulations! Jan

You now need to email me with your prize selection
there are two prizes left to choose from
Prize #3 & Prize #4

Next week, Thursday will be the the 4th and final drawing for a winner..

Thanks to all who participated in my "Name That Bear" Giveaway..

I've been running around here with my "Thinking Cap" on lately (a sight to behold, LOL)....
 coming up with
another giveaway

Blessings for a Day Full of Sunshine...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

...x..Olde Glory Americana Uncle Sam Summer Thyme Wreath..x...

..xx..Olde Glory Uncle Sam Wreath Greeter..xx..

Let's celebrate Independence Day with a big ole picnic!  All decked out in Red, White & Blue, I present to you my newest wreath...

Uncle Sam is arranged on one of my homemade grapevine wreath bases with Flags, Daisies, a Crow along with Berry & Ivy accents.  All the prims are Handmade & Handpainted..then aged.  Uncle Sam's beard and hair are wool. 

All the handmades have been wired to the wreath, the only glue used was to secure the foliage and berries.

Olde Glory Uncle Sam Wreath is
16" x 16"
& has a wire for hanging

Click on Images to Enlarge

Olde Glory Uncle Sam Wreath is $old plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, it's maker.

Monday, May 9, 2011

..~x~..Summer Thyme Ladybug Friends Wreath..~x~..

This is another one of my Summer Thyme Door Greeters..

This one is ~Ladybug Friends~ so sweet with lots and lots of detail.

This wreath has Ladybugs and Leaves, Prim Daisies and Ivy Accents.  All the Prims are Handmade & Handpainted, then put through my aging process for an Olde & Worn look.  The Bugs, Leaves and Daisies are all wired onto one of my homemade grapevine bases.  The only glue used was to secure the foliage.

Summer Thyme Ladybug Friends Wreath is a round
20" x 20"
& has a wire for hanging

This Summer Thyme Greeter would make a great addition to your Garden & Flower Vignettes, hang it up on an old chair back or on your door to Welcome your Summer Visitors.

Click on Images to Enlarge

Summer Thyme Ladybug Friends Wreath Greeter is $old plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, it's maker.

Thank You for Visiting!

..x..Summer Thyme Watermelon Wreath..x..

..x..Longing for those Hot Days of Summer Thyme..x..
Sittin on the porch with a cold glass of Lemonade and Good Company. 

I have been working on some Door Greeter Wreaths for the Summer,
here is one of my offerings. 

 This lazy daze of Summer Watermelon Wreath is just packed full of prim goodness!  There are some of my Watermelon Wedges, Crows, Sunflowers with Ivy Accents.  All of the goodies are Handmade & Handpainted, then aged for an Olde & Worn look.  The Watermelon, Crows and Sunflowers are wired onto one of my homemade grapevine wreaths.  The only glue used was to secure the foliage.

Summer Thyme Watermelon Wreath is
18" tall x 16" wide
& has a wire for hanging

A Super Duper way to welcome Summer and your Summer Thyme Friends.  Perfect as a door greeter, hang it on your sunporch or added to a vingette of other summer thyme wares.

Click on Images to Enlarge

Summer Thyme Watermelon Wreath Greeter is $old plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, it's maker.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week #2 ~ Winner Announced

It's Thursday, time to announce the Winner of Week #2

I had Maygan pick the winner last night...

and it is...

April from Starr Mountain Primitives

Congratulations April...

and Thank You for playing along with my Name That Bear Contest!

You now have 24 hours to email me with your prize selection from the 3 remaining prizes...

Click on Images to Enlarge

Prize #1, Prize #3 & Prize #4 are this week's choices...

Monday, May 2, 2011

...x... Farmhouse Strawberry Season ...x...

It's Strawberry Season

well, not quite...almost, the month of June - I'll be picking Fresh Strawberries

I have been making Strawberries in all shapes and sizes, you are sure to find your Sweet Pleasure here...

The Baskets are not included in the prices.  If you would like to purchase one, the square baskets are $2.00 each (2 available) and the rectangular baskets are $3.50 each (3 available)....


First Up....

Close to "Real Size" Strawberries, they are 2 1/2" in length.  You will receive a Set of 10 handmade Berries. 

"Real Size" Strawberries are $15.00 plus Travel Fare.
*I currently have one set available but will take orders*


Jumbo Strawberries, these Strawberries are perfect for filling up larger bowls and baskets.  There are two different sizes, 3 1/2" and 4 1/2" in length.  You will receive a Set of Five handmade Berries.

Jumbo Strawberries are $12.00 plus Travel Fare. 
*I currently have two sets available but will take orders*


Farmhouse Strawberry

This Strawberry is larger than life!  This Farmhouse Strawberry would make a perfect "stand-alone" display, it is 5 1/2" across the top and 5" long.  I hand-did french knot seeds throughout the berry and added make-do repairs and patches. Love it!

Farmhouse Strawberries are $12.00 each plus Travel Fare.

*Made to Order*



A Sweet Strawberry Vignette, I'm not sure who is sweeter the Strawberries or the Hare.  This gathering includes a handmade hare, his name is Harper ~Keeper of the Strawberry Patch.  I believe he is cousin to Hadley (remember him?).  Harper is a spotted hare, his spots all stitched on by hand.  His tail is Flax and of course he has long whiskers.  He has been aged and aged again...good'n Early Looking.  Harper is 6" from nose to tail.

Little does farmer know, Harper has been sneaking into the Strawberry Patch and hoarding berries in his burrow.  Harpers' Strawberries are some of my "real size" berries, but these ones have wool tops.  Harper will arrive with Five of his Berries for munching and the basket. 

Harper's Vignette is Sold ~ Many, Many Thanks!, he will arrive signed and dated by me, his maker.

Click on Images to Enlarge


Thank You kindly for stopping by :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

~Robin Red Breast Pillow Tuck Collection~

Primitive Pillow Cupboard Tucks

Just perfect for Spring & Summer...Robin Red Breast and Nest pillow tucks.

Each set includes three pillows, a Robin, a Nest and an Egg Collection.  I would be happy to add an aged cotton string for hanging if you would like to display yours that way.

Pillows are 4" - 7" in size.

Robin Red Breast & Nest Pillow Tucks are $15.00 plus Travel Fare.  Each set will be made to order and arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Thank You for visiting!