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Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Olde & Early Penny Style Rug Offerings

~1877 Penny Rug~

My latest makings, one of my Olde & Early Style Penny Rugs. This one has 15 handcut wool pennies stitched on cotton. Handstitched ~  Blanket stitch around the edge and a dated 1877 rag patch. This Penny Rug is 17" long and 8 1/2" wide.  You'll love these mats for adding to your Earliest of Prim Gatherings.

1877 ~ Penny Rug is SOLD...TY T~. It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.


~1901 Penny Rug~

This is a 12 Penny Mat, handcut wool pennies on cotton with Blanket Stitch around the edge. Handstitched ~ 1901 dated rag patch.  The size is 12 1/2" long x 8 1/2" wide.

1901 ~ Penny Rug is $old plus Travel Fare. It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Thank You ...
for taking the time to Visit!

Safe Keepings to One & All

Winner for Week #1

Mix'em Up.....Diggin Deep

Hey, is it kind of cramped in that bowl? You all have been hanging out in there for quite a while....

I've got ahold of one, it's this weeks' winner

Who is it?

Hmmmm.... let's see

It's ........ Teresa from Deppenhomestead

Congratulations Teresa!...you now have 24 hours to email me with your prize selection

Teresa had a total of five entries for my Name That Bear Contest, thank you Teresa for playing along...her comment

"Hi, Traci
He is a cutie~ Great job~
Please enter me in your generous giveaway~
Name~ Ernie P. The Grungy Professor
I follow~
I wll post on my sidebar~
I will do a post within the next couple days to "Shout out"to eveyone your wonderful giveaway~
Such a cute Bear!~~

Check back to see what Teresa picks for a prize and what's left for Week #2

Be here next Thursday morning 5/5/11 for Week #2's Winner...

well, heck, don't stay away that long, visit again before that


Teresa has selected her prize...she opted for the Basket of Strawberries
So, next week's winner will choose between Prize #1, #3, & #4

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Name That Bear Contest" ~ John Doe now has a Name

The name has been drawn for my "Name That Bear Contest".  John Doe is no longer but is now known as "Professor Muzzle Scruff" !

I had a total of 197 entries (including those who got multiple entries).....WOW, that's a lot!

Thank You so Much to all who entered and played along with my contest, it was so fun seeing all the names that were picked for John Doe....

I typed them all up, put them in a bowl and picked out a winning name for the bear...

The winner is Professor Muzzle Scruff which was submitted by Amy from Cottage Prims/Bumble Bee Lane...

Amy's Comment was....

"Hubby picked Professor Muzzle Scruff.
I'm a follower of both blogs.Warm Blessings!~Amy"

So...Amy, if you will email me your address, Prof. Muzzle Scruff will start his journey to your home....

Help me in Congratulating Amy on her win!

On a side note:  I am going to save the bowl full of entries for awhile.  As a way of saying Thank You for all the wonderful entries in my contest, I will pick a Winner a Week, for 4 consecutive weeks.  The random drawing will be held each Thursday starting April 28th, the winner will receive something handmade by me.  If you are selected as one of the winners, you will have just 24 hrs to reply or another name will be drawn...

Thanks Again to you ALL for entering my Contest/Giveaway!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

X~X..Sentimental Sadie Bear..X~X

Sentimental Sadie

Let me tell you a bit about Sadie, she is a sentimental kind of Prim Teddy.  Maybe patterned after her maker just a little.

 Still to this day, Sadie carries a picture of her beloved girl.  The girl that loved Sadie all those years ago, you know, tea parties and of course dress-up!  Yes, dress-up was Sadie's favorite. 
Sadie lost her girl to that terrible thing called growing up.

Sadie is my newest handmade prim teddy.  She has been mended and patched and repaired, she looks like a well loved bear.  In fact Sadie's one button eye was a replacement from her girls outgrown dress, sewn on & good as new.  I made Sadie a dress out of aged striped fabric, it has rusty bell accents. She is a string jointed bear so her arms and legs are poseable.  Sadie is 12 1/2" tall sitting.

Click on Images to Enlarge

Sentimental Sadie is $old plus Travel Fare.  She will come signed and dated by me, her maker. 

~Hadley~ the Spotted Hare


Hadley is not your everyday Hare...  Most often, you will find rabbits in the Carrot Patch, but not Hadley.  His love~ Sweet Juicy Strawberries.  Here is Hadley~The Spotted Hare with a little Strawberry Snack.

Hadley is a handmade rabbit, his spots are all handstitched pieces of wool.  I love to make my rabbits with really long whiskers, so Hadley is no different, long whiskers he does have.
Hadley has been aged and re-aged for a nice old prim look, his ears are wired so they can be repositioned.
Hadley's strawberry is made of aged fabrics and is pinned into his paws, that way it can be removed if you wish.  Hadley Hare is 6 1/2" tall.

Click on Images to Enlarge

Requested fee for Hadley and his Strawberry is SOLD ~ TY my friend~ plus Travel Fare.  He will come signed and dated by me, his maker.

Toby Grey ~ A Primitive Bear

X~X~Toby Grey~X~X

I am pleased to introduce Toby, he is a fine Primitive Bear.  Toby has traveled the world wide, sailing about on olde wooden ships.
He has logged many a nautical mile in his day..

Toby is a handmade Prim Teddy, made out of aged gray fabrics and hand-trimmed fur.  He has old button eyes and handstitched wool pads on his arms and legs.  Toby is sew in a fixed position and sits about 11" tall.

Click on Images to Enlarge
Toby Grey has found a home!  SOLD ~ TY .  He will arrive signed and dated by me, his maker.

Friday, April 8, 2011

~Red Wing Pea Hen~

Red Wing Pea Hen

My newest Prim Pea Hen is perched atop an old amber bottle. I made a vintage type label for the make-do base.  This Pea Hen is made out of tan ticking stripe fabric, her wings are a reproduction floral print fabric in dark red. Her wings and tail have some decorative stitchin', done in a prim sorta way. She has make-do repairs here and there about her.  She is 9 1/2" tall.
Red Wing Pea Hen is SOLD...  Thank You~T.  She will arrive signed and dated by me, her maker.
Click on Images to Enlarge

Monday, April 4, 2011

Patch ~ The Messenger Pup

Patch ~ The Messenger Pup

Please meet Patch, he is an Olde Messenger Dog.  Messenger Dogs played an important role in our history and Patch is no exception.  Patch has battle scars to show for his devoted service. 

Patch is a handmade primitive pup.  He has been "Patch"ed & Mended for an Old & Worn look.  He wears an old wooden barrel button around his neck on a rusty wire, it's where he used to carry his messages.  Patch is about 8" long.

Click on Images to Enlarge

Patch's adoption fee is Sold~TY, Patch will arrive at his forever home signed and dated by me his maker.

Olde & Early ~12 Wool Penny Rug Mat

~12 Penny Mat~

This is the last of the Olde & Early Penny Mats I have been working on.  This one is a 12 Penny Mat, handcut Wool Pennies on Cotton.  Handstitched Blanket stitch around the edges and a 1824 rag patch in the corner.  This mat is a generous size, it's almost 12" square, perfect for your sideboards, cupboards or tabletops.

~12~ Penny Mat is SOLD ~ Thank You K.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Thanks for visiting!

A Penny for your Thoughts - Framed Single Penny

~X~1850 Framed Single Penny~X~

Love the way this turned out, Drab and Early...
Single handcut Wool Penny with a 1850 dated rag patch.  Framed in a painted and distressed frame.  5 1/2" x 7 1/2".

Framed Single Penny is SOLD ....  TY T.., it will come signed and dated by me, the maker.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Olde & Early Look Penny Rug ~ 6 Penny Candlemat

~6~ Penny Candlemat

Okay, it's done now, here is the Penny Rug Candlemat I finished up this morning.  It turned out so very prim..

It is about 8" across and has 6 Wool Handcut Pennies on cotton.  The edge is done in the Blanket Stitch and there is a make-do stitched rag patch dated 1801 on the front.  Candlemat has been primmed for an Olde & Early Look, it turned out good ~n~ grungy.

6 Penny Candlemat is SOLD ~ Thank You.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Thank You for visiting, I enjoy your company!

Olde & Early Look ~10 Penny Rug Mat

~10~ Penny Mat

I had an inkling to do some handstitchin' yesterday.  This is one of the new goodes that came from that there inkling.

This is a 10 Penny Mat, handcut wool pennies on cotton with Blanket Stitch around the edge.  1821 dated rag patch at one end.  I put it through my primming process for a great Olde & Early Look.  The size is 15" long x 7" wide.

10 Penny Mat is SOLD Thank You K~.  It will be signed and dated by me, the maker.

~3~ Penny Pillow

Boy, those inklings can produce some neat handmades..  Here is a 3 Penny Pillow, wool pennies on a wonderful striped cotton pillow.  Pillow is rag stuffed for a great lumpy look.  1813 dated rag patch stitched to the front.  Penny Pillow was aged for an Olde & Early Look.  It is 11 1/2" long.

3 Penny Pillow is SOLD TY ~B plus Travel Fare.  It will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

I have another Penny Candlemat I will be posting, it got too late last night, had to finish it up this morning....  *check back later for it*

Friday, April 1, 2011

Folk Art Bird Make-Do

Birds of a Feather,
Flock Together

This is a brand new pattern I came up with this week, I had to fight with it a bit, but I won...

These Primitive Birds are handmade using Calico and Homespun Fabrics.  They have "fanned-out tail feathers" that I needle-sculpted, love the look.  I made Make-Do, make-do stands for them, stained the wood in dark walnut.  The fabrics have been aged for an old timey prim look. These will be perfect for tucking into your Cupboards or Shelf Gatherings.  They are all about 9" tall.

There are three available..

SOLD TY 1821 ~ Red Bird

SOLD TY ~ T 1814 ~ Blue Bird

SOLD TY~  1803 ~ Brown Bird

Sold Individually

Prim Bird Make-Do's are $10.00 each plus Travel Fare.  Your make-do will arrive signed and dated by me, the maker.

Emma's Pin Keep for Mom~1813

Emma, such a very sweet girl..

Emma just adored her Mother, Mom, always working so hard. Cookin', washin', cleanin' & doing the mendin', she tended the chickens and the garden, yes, Momma worked hard.  Emma so wanted to give something back to her Momma, to show her just how much she was loved. 
After all was still in the homestead for the night, Emma would sit quietly in her room, covered with the lovely quilt made from Momma's hand and stitch.
It seemed she would never get Momma's Pin Keep done, Emma would stitch & stitch till she could no longer keep her eyes from closing.  Each night it was the same... till the very night ~ Momma's Pin Keep was finished

Click on Images to Enlarge

I made Momma's Pin Keep, stitched up in a child-like hand.  It is a drum style keep loaded with lots of Momma's Sewing Needfuls.  It is 5" tall and has been aged for an old & worn look.

Emma's Pin Keep for Mom is SOLD ~ TY.  It will come signed and dated by me, the maker.