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Friday, April 1, 2011

Emma's Pin Keep for Mom~1813

Emma, such a very sweet girl..

Emma just adored her Mother, Mom, always working so hard. Cookin', washin', cleanin' & doing the mendin', she tended the chickens and the garden, yes, Momma worked hard.  Emma so wanted to give something back to her Momma, to show her just how much she was loved. 
After all was still in the homestead for the night, Emma would sit quietly in her room, covered with the lovely quilt made from Momma's hand and stitch.
It seemed she would never get Momma's Pin Keep done, Emma would stitch & stitch till she could no longer keep her eyes from closing.  Each night it was the same... till the very night ~ Momma's Pin Keep was finished

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I made Momma's Pin Keep, stitched up in a child-like hand.  It is a drum style keep loaded with lots of Momma's Sewing Needfuls.  It is 5" tall and has been aged for an old & worn look.

Emma's Pin Keep for Mom is SOLD ~ TY.  It will come signed and dated by me, the maker. 


  1. Great story~ terrific job on the pinkeep~ pretty & prim!

  2. just beautiful. I love this pinkeep. great job and great story.

  3. I love that pinkeep, awesome job!
    Spring Blessings,