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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Offering ~ Feedsack Bears

Oh, for the Love of Bears...  these turned out so neat!

These two buddy bears are my new additions, just finished them up this morning.  I love old feedsacks, these are my Feedsack Bears..  The feedsack graphics on their bodies are actual old images I took from a couple of sacks in my collection (did I mention I love Feedsacks!) 

This Bear is so SWEET, handmade, his Sack is Pure Sugar Cane, hence his sweetness.  He is not jointed, sewn in a fixed position but still semi-poseable.  Sugar Bear is about 10" tall.

Sugar Bear ~ is Sold

This next Bear is not so sweet (well, I guess he is) but might be a bit salty.  His Feedsack is Country Style Picnic Ham.  Hammy is not jointed, he too is sewn in a fixed position, still you can pose him a bit.  He is the same size as Sugar Bear.

This Bear is SOLD, Thank You P
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My Feedsack Bears have been aged and repaired for an old timey prim look. 

Requested fee for Sugar Bear is $19.50 plus Travel Fare.  Each Bear is signed and dated by me, their maker.

Be watching for more of these, I have lots of Feedsacks...


  1. Hi Traci, These two little critters are so sweet and adorable. I love them. Hugs, Linda

  2. Traci
    Adorable~ another great job!!!

  3. Your bears are very unique. I do love the "old" style of teddy bear. They just beg to be loved. Bear hugs to you!

  4. Wow, what an ingenious way of using feedsacks! That is so creative. And your feedsack bears turned out beautifully! :)

    Thanks for sharing these at the Sunburnt Cow Party!


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