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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scruff E. Bear aka Seb

Howdy Folks!
It's Scruff E. Bear comin' to you, I like to be called Seb ~ sounds better than Scruff!

I am an old codger, been around for a long, long time now.  Back in the day, I used to have me a young boy, he'd drag me 'round everywhere.  We'd go into the meadow for adventure first thing in Spring.  Take walks down the Old Lane on those hot Summer days for a refreshing dip in the creek and cozy up next to the fire in the dead of Winter to keep warm.  For years, I was his best friend, but now, he himself has grown old and grey, even got himself some grandkids.  Guess there's no need for Old Seb...  His grands, well you know how kids are these days, don't want a Teddy Bear, gotta have all those high tech gadgets.  So, I've been stuffed away, long time now, in an old travel trunk up in the attic. I'm thinkin' it was my boys' Momma that packed me away all those years ago when her boy had grown....  So now, Old Seb is outta the trunk and looking for a Retirement Home of sorts, I still have lots of good years in me yet, just need a slower pace now I reckon. 
 And, hey, you see the nerve of my maker, put a toe tag on meee! Gollyyyy Lady, she's already got me one foot in the grave!  Well, I'm gonna tell her, by george, I'm not ready for that yet!!  Oh, oh wait, give me a minute, gotta sit down for a minute, got my old ticker all reved up.. 

Good Ole Seb is handmade, he's got a real old prim look about him.  He has lots of patches and mends, I mean, mends on top of mends on top of patches.  He has string jointed arms and legs so they are all semi-poseable.  He's got some loose stitches, but what do you expect from an old codger like Seb.  Sitting, Seb is just shy of 12", stretched out he's 16".

Click Images to Enlarge 

Requested fee for Scruff E. Bear is SOLD Thank You ~B plus Travel Fare, he will come signed and dated by me, his maker (yes, the one that put the toe tag on him  ;)..


  1. Seb is adorable~ he looks so beat up~ so adorable!

  2. I just found your blog, I love your handmades, will be visiting you alot. Handmades add so much to a primitive home. Drop by for a visit sometime, Vicky

  3. Awww, he's so darn cute!! I love how homespun he looks. He actually looks well loved. What a great talent you have to convey that.

    Thanks for linking up to the Sunburnt Cow party. I'll be showcasing your link ups on some of my various blogs.