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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Name That Bear Contest & Giveaway

I invite you to enter my Name That Bear Contest

Contest is open for entries from March 29th - April 19th

How to Play....
1. You must be a follower of both of my Blogs

2. Post a comment with the name you pick for the Bear on this Post only.

For Extra chances to win....

3. Post my Contest/Giveaway on your Blog Sidebar - 1 Extra Entry

4. Do an actual Blog Post about my Contest/Giveaway - 2 Extra Entries

X~X~ That's up to 5 Entries ~X~X

Please let me know in your comments how many you're participating in so I can add your entries. Only pick one name per person though, your name will be entered multiple times.

If you do not have a blog, please include an email address so I can contact you should you win...

Contest is open to anyone/anywhere, if you reside outside the U.S., I ask that you agree to pay 1/2 the shipping please.

Please feel free to use any of the images in this post for your sidebar entries


  1. Hi, Traci
    He is a cutie~ Great job~
    Please enter me in your generous giveaway~

    Name~ Ernie P. The Grungy Professor

    I follow~

    I wll post on my sidebar~

    I will do a post within the next couple days to "Shout out"to eveyone your wonderful giveaway~
    Such a cute Bear!~~


  2. He looks like a Chumslee to me. Chumslee the prim bear! Traci, I am a follower and I have added your name the bear contest to my blog sidebar. Thank you for the chances.
    Prim Blessings,

  3. Hi Tracy what an adorable bear. My 6 year old son loves to call everyone Toot Sweet and i think your bear looks like a Toot Sweet.
    Have a great day

  4. Hi Traci. What a fun contest. I think he looks like a Chester. I am a follower and will add your contest to my side bar.

  5. I love your bear and he looks so "smart", I think he looks like a Professor Izadore or Professor Izzie for short. have a lovely week.

  6. 1. I am a follower of both of your Blogs.
    2. I like Shadraq for his name.
    3. I Posted your Contest/Giveaway on my Blog giveaway page.
    Thank you Traci:)


  8. Oh he is darling, I think he looks like Frederick. Thanks for having this wonderful giveaway. I am going to post on my blog.

  9. Hubby picked Professor Muzzle Scruff.I'm a follower of both blogs.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. I love him Traci! He looks like a 'Professor Mumfrey' to me. Thank you for hosting another great contest!

    I posted on my sidebar and follow both of your blogs.

    Debbie K

  11. My very first impression - w/those glasses - Theodore. And as I recall Theodore Roosevelt went by Teddy! Such an adorable bear!

  12. Well, when I saw the glasses, I saw Benjamin B. Bear standing there!!!
    I follow both your blogs.
    I will post on my sidebar.

  13. Hi - please enter me in your giveaway. I am a new follower to this blog and a current follower of your other blog. I have posted your giveaway on my sidebar. I think your bear looks like a "Bert". Trish

  14. Hi. I am a new follower. I think the bear looks like his name should be Micah. I will do a post about this giveaway in a few minutes. Thanks :)

  15. Traci,

    I love your little bear! I am a follower of both of your blogs. I think the little fellow looks like his name should be Oatmeal...that's what he reminds me of...a warm bowl of oatmeal. I will post on my blog side bar for you. Thanks for hosting this fun contest.


  16. Hi,he reminds me of a grandpa, I would call him Gramps or Grampy, I will post on my blog and I am now a follower of both of your blogs. He is sooooo cute.

  17. Hi Traci,

  18. Oh Traci hes so cute!i would love to be entered.I would name him "Eddie the Teddy".I will go post on my sidebar as well.Thanks so much sweetie.blessings and hugs michelle

  19. oops.Im a follower of both blogs as well,that makes three.

  20. Your little bear is so original and darling, I would call him "Uncle Tom".
    I will follow both of your blogs and I will make a post on my blog for your contest and giveaway... Thank you for the opportunity and for sharing your wonderful work.

  21. Archibald T. Worthington III, fits
    him, I think!
    I am a follower of both blogs.
    I will post on my sidebar.
    Please enter me!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  22. What a sweet giveaway, Traci!

    I'm a follower of both your blogs. I've posted about your giveaway in my blog's sidebar at Prairie Patch, and I've done a blog post over at

    How about the name Sterling Ellsworth I. (I actually knew someone by that name - lol).


  23. WOW what a wonderful BEAR I think you should name him Woodrow............I am a follower or you other blog and now this one as well
    and I will put a link on my sidebar
    I would be honored to give him a good home

  24. Now don't laugh but when I first saw this little guy he made me think of my grandpa Bethal. Grandpa was a small man with a thick mustache and he wore little round glasses. Yes I think Bethal would fit this little bear just percectly!
    Prim hugs,

  25. Hi Traci,
    What a neat bear and I have the perfect name for him! When I took a look at the close up photo of him, I knew his name could only be the same as someone who was very near and dear to me who is no longer with us, my father-in-law, he kinda resembles him, the glasses, the ears, and no hair on the top of his head and the quirky look about him! Oh my, it brought back memories! "Elmer" would be his name! Will be posting a link to your contest on my sidebar and I know I could find that special place in my home to display him!

  26. Your bear is adorable.
    I would name this bear "DAWSON"
    I am a follower of both your blogs.
    Would Love to be entered in your give away.

  27. He's wonderful! please enter me in your contest to win. I'm a follower of both your blogs. I think you should call him Poppi Bear :)

  28. Oh, my goodness! I am so lovin' these names you gals are pickin'... so much fun!

  29. Traci,,

    He is soo cute...I'm following both blogs, will add it to my sidebar.Thank you for this wonderful opportunity....
    The name I choose is 'Oatis Milford Huckaby'...wow with a name like that, that bear has a future!

  30. I am a new follower of your blogs... came over from another blogger's post. What a great bear! Please enter me in the contest -- thanks for the opportunity...... my choice is the very aristocratic 'Miles'....

  31. I am a new follower too, but couldn't help loving this bear. I think Bodacious B. Bear. Don't know why, just do.

  32. Oh MY! What a Wondrous Bear!! So learned and intelligent and a wee bit rumpled and perhaps a bit in a quandary! I thought of the name "Siegfried" immediately, great work!! I am following both your great Blogs now with pleasure!
    :) Kristin

    You can contact me through my Blog, although I have no posts, or my Etsy Shop:

  33. Oh my HECK Traci!! This guy is SAAAWEEETT!! I so want to have him come live at my house!!! I'm thinking he could teach me so many things! I would name him THADDEUS T. BEAR (If you're wondering, the "T" stands for "THE," of coure...)
    Please enter me in your most funnest and generous giveaway. I'm commenting here, I follow both your blogs, have posted on my sidebar, and have done an actual post. So, I think that's all 5!!! :o) Thanks a bunch! Robin/Kittywampus (TheCrankyCrow)

  34. Oh my gosh he is so cute!!! I'm a new follower to your blog.... saw the post on Teresa's Deppen Homestead's blog!

    So many wonderful name choices so far... don't know how you would pick!!! I would say "Bosley the Scholar"!

  35. Wow is this fun! (1.)I am a follower of both blogs (2.)I am posting on my side bar (3&4)and doing an actual blog post.(5)His name should be Mr. Freddy P. Fickle (just sonds like a bear name) . I wouldn't want to have to choose a name from all these great entries good luck.

  36. I love your bear, he is the absolute cutest!!!
    I am a follower of both of your blogs. I would call him, " Mr. Bailey". And I will post your giveaway to my sidebar. Have a great day! Lecia

  37. Traci, this bear is precious. He looks like a:

    Horatio P. Tuftwizzle

    I will post about your giveaway on my blog and list it in my sidebar.

    thatkeith.blogspot.com (g.w.s.p.)

    I also create bears, but very different from your amazing creations.

    Thanks so much! Keith

  38. Traci,

    The minute I saw him, I thought "Bozley" z instead of "s"... Love him!!!
    Received the "girls" today, they are VERY Happy here! Tarts smell so yummy! thank you! OLM

  39. What a great bear! What great names! I am a follower of both of your blogs, Tracy, and will post on my sidebar. We give all of our cats the same middle name and it could work for a pet bear too. "FuzzyButt" The Elder? Thanks for the fun! ~*~Lisa

  40. Hi Traci,
    Your "John Doe" bear is just adorable. My first impression of him was "Professor." But since so many had the exact same thought, I am going with my other impression. He looks like a "Albert Bearstein" to me. I am now a follower of both of your blogs. Hope Mr. Doe soon has an identity. 8-)
    Y'all take care, Linda

  41. Your Bear is just adorable. I think he looks like a "Dooley" I am a follower of both blogs and have added your contest to my side bar.

  42. Isn't this funny, that a little stuffed bear you made could remind us of actual people? But it really does! This one reminds me of my husbands grandfather! I would call him "Jamison Francis" because that is close to Gramp's name, and the "attitude" seems to fit! How do you do it? Amazing! I also signed up to follow both of your blogs. I will be checking in to see more of your fantastic work. Thanks for this fun opportunity!

  43. Hi Tracy
    Love your blog posts ~ I'm a new follower to both your blogs.
    Would love to be entered in your awesome giveaway!
    I think his name should be Baxter!
    I'll post on my sidebar.
    Prim Blessings!

  44. Oops..guess I commented on the wrong post, so I will do it again here. I'm a follower of both your blogs and I will make a post about this, as well as put it on my sidebar.

    I love your bear and the first name that popped into my head was Shamus O'Burney (the last name is Irish for bear). He looks so old, wise and "gaelic", so I figured a name like that fit him.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Can't wait to see what his name will be!

  45. Hi Tracy, thanks for stopping by for a vist.Oooh my gosh, your bear is so adorable! I agree with some on here, The first impression I got with those glassesand fuzzy snout and ears, is a proffesor...so my name is "Professor Bojangles"because of those rusty jingel bells hes wearing. There are so many awesome names,I know it is sure going to be hard picking just one.1.I am a follower 2.commented 3.follower of both blogs 4. will post on my sidebar 5. will do actual post on your bear.

  46. I am a followe rof both of your blogs, I will post this on my blog, my comment to you is how adorable is he!!! I will name him Cinnamon Bear, like the color of primitive cinnamon sticks, and we love the smell of cinnamon. Thanks for sharing such a sweet giveaway.

  47. Hi Tracy and thank you for this generous offer of a gorgeous and wonderful art piece made by you! It's so fantastic. Well my immediate name is WINK, and I've not looked at previous posts so maybe this is already taken. But I am sure that I saw him SQUINT when I first looked at him, so my second idea is SQUINT or SQUIRT. I am now a happy follower of both of your blogs and will link on my sidebar. *smiles* Norma

  48. You've got your work cut out for you in naming that adorable bear! I'll opt for Sir Fergus Bearston. Love it! Tamara - tlmann217@aol.com

  49. I am a new follower to both of your blogs. I think your adorable bear looks like he is tattered and torn from the affections of a small child who has told his best friend all his secrets and given him numerous hugs over the years. I would have to call him "Tattered".

  50. My twin sons think that you should name your bear "Pepere" which is french for grandpa! He is absolutely precious ... just love him! I am a follower of both your blogs. I don't have a blog so here is my email 1218themen@gmail.com


  51. HI, LOve your bear with those glasses. My husband says his name should be "Winston".


  52. Traci, I believe your awesome bear is from another country! My husband is from German Descent and I believe your creation is a perfect picture of what my Hubby will look like in a few more years....LOL. I think the name Welker Zerlumpter Bär fits him perfectly because it means faded tattered bear in German! I have posted your giveaway on my blog and am a follower of both of your blogs. I am doing a post in my sidebar.
    Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!!!!

  53. Okay he is very adorable. he looks like Mr. Ebenezer Geezer Dickens. I think he is Charles' grandfather.
    Please enter me in your giveaway. I follow both of your blogs.
    I have posted it on my sidebar.
    I have also made a post on my blog about your contest.
    That is all five I believe.
    Thanks for the fun contest.

  54. Traci, he is soo cute! He looks old and wise and mysterious. He reminds me of Wilson on Home Improvement, he was wise and old and very mysterious as we never saw his whole face! So, how about Wilson or Mr. Wilson! I will post on my sidebar and I am a follower! =) Good luck with naming him! I still have a kitty to name! lol ~Jan

  55. Hi Traci, I think he looks like a Oscar to me, I love his little glasses, he is just too cute, I am a follower. Please put my name in, Vicky

  56. I love him, he is so cute!Ok I think he looks like -Sir Remington III- I am a follower of both blogs. Thanks!
    ~The Olde Willow~

  57. Oh how I love this guy. He's so cute! I think..his name should be Marvin. Marvin was my Dad's name...he loved to bear hunt..and when he passed..was doing what he loved. Had he grown into an old man bear hunter...I bet he'd have looked just like this guy!!! I do belong to both of your blogs...and will try to figure out how to do sidebars today and post your awesome contest!!!

  58. I absolutely love him I became a follower I really like the Name Uncle Billy Bailey or just George he reminds me of a its a wonderful life George's Uncle Billy he has the old time look of vintage and he is a classy looking looking bear like the movie a real classic I am also going to put your giveaway on my Blog ooh I hope I win

  59. Hi, This is a fun giveaway! When I looked at this primitive bear what came to my mind was "Mr. Peabody"

    I am a follower of both your blogs
    I post it on my sidebar on my bar, so you can check that out.
    I am also going to be making a post today and I will let everyone know about this fun giveaway you are hosting!!!
    Mr. Peabody would have a loving home.

    Prim and Spring Blessings,

  60. Hi love the bear he look's old and wise
    and ready to comfort the person that win's
    him. I think His name is Sir Bear-alot
    as he seems to be the kind you could tell
    all your woes too and he will just love you
    a lot. I have become a follower on both blogs
    and sidebar.

    Love And Blessing's From Carol (Australia)

  61. I'm participating! My suggestion would be Yorkie! I follow both of your blogs via GFC!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

  62. Traci~

    You've gotten some pretty terrific names for Mr. John Doe bear. It would be way too hard for me to pick only one name. They are all wonderful.

    My first thought was a Professor. Of course I had to make things harder than they were. Thinking, thinking, & more thinking for the perfect name. Hmmm.....I stayed with professor~~~~Professor Orville P. Stanton or as his friends call him~POPS.

    This is such a fun giveaway.

    I follow both your blogs & am posting on my sidebar & will do a blog post today.

    I'll be posting a giveaway in the next couple of days if you want to POP over to visit.

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  63. Traci,
    What a fun , generous giveaway ! I am now a follower of both blogs, and will post on my side bar! your creations are top notch and absolutely darling! I think this lil guy looks like a Beaureegarde, very handsome and brilliant! Enjoy your day ! Thanks for hosting!
    lil raggedy angie

  64. Traci, I honestly can say that I do not own a prim bear!!!! LOL!!!! I love this old man bear!!!! He looks like a GRANDPA BELLS to me!!!! I will post on my sidebar!!!!

  65. I would love to own a prim bear. I think his
    name would be Professor Sheldon. Will post on side bar
    and follow you. So please come over and visit.

    Love and Blessings Carol xx

  66. love your giveaway...please enter me in
    I will post on my blog
    i'm a follower
    I will post this giveway on the sidebar
    name would be: Primitive Benny Bear!!!
    Prim hugs

  67. Hi Traci!

    This guy is SOOO cute!

    And he looks SO smart too!

    I have been staring at him for a while now and a name finally hit me!

    Thaddeus B. Barrington (Or T.B. Barrington for short)

    Yep, thats what I would name him!

    I am adding this to my sidebar too!