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Sunday, May 15, 2011

OOak... Straw~Beary Shortcake ...Primitive Teddy Bear

Just as Sweet as the Vine Ripened Fruit... 
Straw~Beary Shortcake

Straw~Beary is a One-of-a-Kind Primitive Teddy Bear, she will arrived signed and dated by me, her maker.

Straw~Beary is my latest handmade teddy.  She is made to look Olde & Loved, and that my friends, she does.  Straw~Beary is 10" tall, her arms and legs are sewn in a fixed position so she is not poseable.  She has one button eye and her other was lost so I replaced it with some stitchin'.  Straw~Beary has Patches & Mends and has been aged for an Early Look. 

I designed Straw~Beary with Strawberry Season in mind.  Her body is the Berry and her little gathered neck piece represents the Strawberry Top...

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Straw~Beary Shortcake Bear is $old plus Travel Fare, she will arrived signed and dated by me, her maker. 

Thank You for visiting Straw~Beary Shortcake!


  1. Traci, this is just adorable. This crafting world never ceases to amaze me at the wonderful creations. Such a great idea - this would look great with any decor. Trish

  2. Very talented, great job!

  3. Aww, you got it girl! She is perfectly adorable and I need more $$ to spend. Love her:)

  4. What a sweetie she is! Love, Love, LOVE her! Great idea with the berry body!! Smiles ~ Robin

  5. Awesome creations Traci. I love this lil' girl, she so primalious! Hugssss Mary